Brass Copper Castings India
Chrome Copper C18200 Class II

Copper Alloy No. C18200
Chromium Copper , RWMA Class 2 Chrome Copper
Chemical Composition % by weight
Copper (incl. silver) Iron Chromium Silicon Lead
99.1 Nominal .10 Maximum .60 Minimum .10 Maximum .05 Maximum


Resistance welding machine electrodes, seam welding wheels, electrical switch gear, electrode holder jaws, cable connectors, current carrying arms and shafts, circuit breaker parts, arcing and bridging parts,  grid side rods in electron tubes, molds, spot welding tips, flash welding electrodes, electrical and thermal conductors requiring greater strength than copper, switch contacts.

Mechanical Properties

Typical  for .500" rod solution heat treated and aged (500C-3 hrs.)

Hardness* Rockwell B Scales 70
Tensile Strength** KSI 70
Yield Strength** KSI 55
Elongation** % in 2 inch 21

*Hardness conversions are approximate

**Test values are nominal approximations and depend on specimen size and orientation.

Physical Properties

Thermal Conductivity BTU/ (sq ft-ft-hr-F) 187
Specific Heat BTU/lb/ºF @ 68F .090
Thermal Expansion Per °F from 68 F to 212 F .0000098
Density lb/cu in @ 68 F .321
Electrical Conductivity* (Annealed) % IACS @ 68 F 80
Modulus of Elasticity KSI 17,000

**Volume basis

Fabrication Properties

Capacity for being cold worked Excellent
Capacity for being hot formed Good
Hot forgeability rating (forging brass=100) 80
Hot working temperature 1500-1700 F or 800-925 C
Machinability rating (Free Cutting Brass=100) 20
Suitability for being joined by: Soldering/Good
Oxyacetylene Welding/Not Recommended
Gas Shielded Arc Welding/Good
Coated Metal Arc Welding/Not Recommended
Resistance Welding Spot/Not Recommended
Seam/Not Recommended