Brass Copper Castings India
Beryllium Copper C17510 Class III

Copper Alloy No. C17510
Beryllium Copper , RWMA Class 3
Chemical Composition % by weight
Copper (incl. Silver) Iron Nickel Cobalt Silicon Beryllium Aluminum
97.8 Nominal .10 Maximum 1.4 Minimum .30 Maximum .20 Maximum .20 Minimum .20 Maximum

Material Properties

Precipitation hardened alloy with good thermal conductivity and high hardness. Not suitable for case hardening or nitrating. 


Hardware: Fuse clips, fasteners, springs, switch parts, relay parts, electrical conductors.

Industrial: Welding equipment. 

Mechanical Properties

Typical for rod in HT temper

Hardness* Rockwell B Scales 98
Tensile Strength** KSI 115
Yield Strength** KSI 110
Elongation** % in 2 inch 14

*Hardness conversions are approximate

**Test values are nominal approximations and depend on specimen size and orientation.

Physical Properties

Thermal Conductivity BTU/ (sq ft-ft-hr-F) 120-150
Specific Heat BTU/lb/ºF @ 68F .10
Thermal Expansion Per °F from 68 F to 392 F .0000098
Density lb/cu in @ 68 F .317
Electrical Conductivity* (Annealed)** % IACS @ 68 F 45-48
Modulus of Elasticity KSI 19,000

*Cold worked and precipitation hardened condition

**Volume basis

Fabrication Properties

Capacity for being cold worked Excellent
Capacity for being hot formed Good
Hot forgeability rating (forging brass=100) -
Hot working temperature 1200-1625 F or 650-765 C
Machinability rating (Free Cutting Brass=100) -
Solution heat treating temperature 1675-1725 F or 900-950 C
Suitability for being joined by: Soldering/Good
Oxyacetylene Welding/Not Recommended
Gas Shielded Arc Welding/Fair
Coated Metal Arc Welding/Fair
Resistance Welding Spot/Good